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You could be making over $220 per month passive income using facebook quizzes with my script.

Don't let the big guys get ALL the profit. Make your own buzzfeed-style quiz with this custom script and guide!

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Use my proven, custom script to generate real income today with Facebook.

Make money today!

All it takes is a little bit of time!

Follow a few easy steps

  1. Purchase and download the script, then upload to your site.
  2. Configure your Google Adsense information in our "config.php" file.
  3. Write your quiz! Check out Buzzfeed quizzes for inspiration on developing something truly viral.
  4. Share on facebook.
  5. Start refreshing and watch your adsense revenue grow!
  6. Optional: Revise & customize! Unlike a plugin, you have access to easily editable code that can be easily customized!

Results & Examples

  • Example 1. I made $13 in on March 10th with a quiz that took me an hour or so to create!
  • Example 2. In this second example, you can see how I made over $16 in two days with a different quiz!
  • Example 3. I briefly promoted my quiz to get even more clicks! You can find more in our guide.
  • Example 4. Here is an example of another site I built with the Facebook Quiz Script.


Use my proven, custom script to generate real income today with Facebook.

About The Author & Script

Dan @ Renaissance Hustle

Dan has been a web entrepreneur and programmerfor over 10 years. After building a successful php quiz app, I decided to package and sell my product to help out other budding webpreneurs!

Please remember that you'll want to open an Adsense account for generating revenue. The process is pretty straightforward, and remember- don't click your own ads!

This was developed to help regular people develop Buzzfeed-style quizzes with more control than a simple plugin.

One of the coolest features of buying my script is that there are NO ADS and this is fully customizable! You can control every element of the quiz!

If you're new to the entire hosting and development scene, I recommend starting with a Blue Host account With Adsense, I've used this script to easily develop infamous 5-question “buzzfeed” style quizzes that generates revenue via AdSense and Amazon Affiliates. Get in on some of the action that Buzzfeed and others are making bank with!

Upload to your host. (I recommend Bluehost if you're new to this). Last, please note that this site is NOT associated or affilated with Facebook.com or Buzzfeed.com.

Facebook Quiz Script