Facebook Quiz Script


Script for generating a 5-question “facebook” style quiz.

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Product Description

This is a script I developed for easily making a 5-question “facebook” style quiz that generates revenue via AdSense.

I have made up to ~$13 per day with facebook quizzes generated with my script. This is not a guarantee that you will make money! That said, I have generated profit with this script.


This adsense revenue was generated from the quiz here:

Instructions will also be provided with the script.

Your quiz will look similar to the following and is already optimized for mobile viewers!


You can see a working demo here:

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Last, I want to remind everyone that you are purchasing this script, and I cannot guarantee that you will generate this type of income. Further, in the spirit of full disclosure, I did spend some money to initially promote my quiz so it would catch on and be shared!


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